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We are located in the historic downtown district of Hot Springs, Ar, nestled within the Ozark national forest and surrounded by adorable boutiques, art galleries, bath houses and more. We’ve had a few owners throughout the years who’ve all put in their fair share of blood, sweat, and tears into making this music venue one of the best in the south. All music lovers and, like Maxine, lovers of this fabulous town come together here to watch some amazing talent, eat some killer food and toast craft beers and unique drinks into the night. Our venue attracts a diverse crowd consisting of all ages of, musicians, music lovers, artists, filmmakers, food and beer lovers, sports fanatics, poets, locals and out of towners looking to relax and unwind. We also cater to many musical tastes including indie, rock, pop, experimental, blues, jazz, metal, bluegrass, folk, and old country. We also have a monthly burlesque show. We are now a smoke -free venue but have a patio to accommodate our smokers with drinks in hand. We would very much appreciate you to like us on Facebook so you can be included in our Facebook updates and posts. You should also sign up for our email blast for all news and updates and most of all, our calendar for all up coming events and shows…



We hail the old audacious ways of Maxine Temple Jones…she was “the madam of the most notorious brothel in one of the most well-known resort towns in the USA” quoted in the book, Maxine “Call Me Madam” The Life and Times of a Hot Springs Madam(yes… we have the books here for sale…interesting read for sure). Yes, Maxine had been around the block, so to speak, before she had ever visited Hot Springs. Once here she just fell in love with the town, and soon bought her first brothel located right above our bar, the entrance was on Prospect. She purchased the space in 1950 for just $1,000. The first night she owned the brothel house she had to turn a few “tricks” herself but that was the very last night of that. She made the decision the next day to be only the boss or “madam” and demand the respect of her girls and customers and run her business right. She was a success as far as whorehouses go. “When I was on top of the heap, I’d clear five thousand dollars a night. I had a Cadillac, a mink coat and a ranch. I rubbed shoulders with all the big politicians and their wives and they accepted me socially.” This was her top and there was definitely a bottom. There was prison, mobsters, threats, fires, FBI issues, judges, love affairs, friendships, and wars. Ultimately Maxine was a businesswoman. She was strong, courageous, and powerful. She set goals and reached them, she was fearless and fought for what she believed would work-a true rebel… we love her tenacity.


JUNE 15, 1915-APRIL 15, 1997

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